Wondering if you’ll fit in at Rivercity Pilates? We think you will! We have a fabulous group of diverse clients who are interested in moving in ways that help them feel great in their body. Maybe you feel like you are not a exercise person or you have not felt comfortable in big group classes at the gym? We understand and want you to know your experience at Rivercity Pilates might just change your mind about being able to fit in at an exercise place!

Here’s a a quick list of just a few of the people that are part of our amazing community:

  • People who want to age gracefully
  • People who love exercise
  • People who hated exercise or going to the gym until they discovered Pilates
  • People who thought they weren’t flexible
  • Grandmas and Grandpas
  • People recovering from an injury or surgery
  • People who have a chronic condition (Parkinsons, Scoliosis, etc)
  • Runners
  • Men
  • People who work at computers
  • People who stand all day
  • People who want to be more flexible and mobile
  • People with knee and hip replacements