Pam, an 87 year old client at Rivercity Pilates.

Ever wonder how long you can practice Pilates?

Carey Sadler, Owner & Instructor at Rivercity Pilates in North Liberty.

We have clients of all ages that come in to the studio and have many clients who are in their 70’s and 80’s who are regularly practicing Pilates with us.  How cool is that? As you might imagine these clients “don’t look their age” and if you see them at the studio your reaction might likely be something like,” Wow, I want to move like that when I’m their age!”  

In fact, one of the most common conversations I have with people these days, seems to be one where clients (many of them my age..)  are asking me questions like:

  • What do I need to do to age well
  • What things should I be doing now?
  • What is the key to staying active and moving well as I age?
  • What did those clients do to maintain their health?
  • Do people keep doing Pilates as they age?
  • How old are your oldest clients?

In case you were wondering any of these things I thought I would share my answers here!

People who stay active and healthy as they age create a habit of movement in their life that is non negotiable.  We of course love it when you want to practice Pilates and Yoga with us but honestly more important than what you do is you finding something that you can consistently do that keeps you moving, maintains and builds strength and keeps you mobile.  Start doing this now and don’t stop! Keep movement a part of your life even if you have to adapt it for something going on in your body!

Currently my oldest client in studio is 87 years old and practices Pilates twice a week. She has consistently practiced twice a week since she started Pilates with us in 2014.   She is a model of consistency and showing up for herself and it shows in how she moves through the world! She is somewhat famous around the studio and even has her own sign hanging near her favorite Pilates Tower!

When you are feeling a little unmotivated to get moving this week….remind yourself that your movement time matters!

Remind yourself to be like Pam and commit to consistently moving in healthy ways! Your body will thank you!!

Want to try a free yoga session?

Shuva Rahim, New Yoga Instructor t Rivercity Pilates

 Small Group Yoga with Shuva
Wednesdays at 5:15pm

I am so excited to have Shuva Rahim teaching at the studio!  When I moved to the area over 14 years ago and opened up Rivercity Pilates I met Shuva in a women’s small business group I had joined. At the time Shuva was growing her photography business and we were both trying to figure out what it took to run a small business! 

Shuva has been a friend and supporter of my business since the beginning. She starting practicing Pilates with me at the original Rivercity Pilates location, she was our photographer for the very first photo shoot at the studio, she took some of my favorite family photos over the years and she is truly just a great human who I am honored to call a friend. Be sure to check out the photo collage I put together highlighting some of our memories together over the years!

Shuva describes herself as a newish Yoga teacher (she finished her RYT 200 training in August 2022) who wants to share her love of Yoga with the world.  She shares her love of Yoga with others by teaching and writing! Be sure to check out Shuva’s blog here.

Shuva is excited to be teaching a Friday night flow small group Yoga session designed to help you build strength, flexibility and kick off your weekend feeling amazing! This small group yoga session will be limited to 5 participants and will happen Wednesdays at 5:15 pm.

The Yoga flow session will focus on aligning breath with movement and learning to transition from one pose to the next. (If you are familiar with yoga you’ll recognize that this follows the principles of Vinyasa Yoga)   Shuva will help you find adaptations and variations of poses that are perfect for your body. 

Shuva’s small group sessions are designed for ALL bodies and you’ll be comfortable in this small group setting if you are a brand new to Yoga beginner or if you have Yoga experience.  

Try a Wednesday night session for FREE in November by emailing us and letting us know which day you want to try the session!

November 24 is Customer Appreciation Day at Rivercity Pilates in North Liberty

Customer Appreciation Day at Rivercity Pilates!

You may have heard of Black Friday, the traditional shopping day that happens the day after Thanksgiving, where shoppers rush to stores to get the best deals. At Rivercity Pilates, we believe in self care, so we celebrate the day after Thanksgiving with our annual Customer Appreciation Day — and because we love all things purple — we call it Purple Friday!

Purple Friday is our annual customer appreciation day!

We have some special opportunities for you to take some free sessions that day and we’ll be having special deals on all of our in studio retail items like grippy socks, Rivercity Pilates shirts, sweatshirts and gear, gift items, at home props and more!

We’ll be open for shopping from 6:00 am to 1 pm that day and we’ll be having some special one day only sales on retail items in studio! We’ll also be sending out an email that day with a few special deals that you can take advantage of from home as well!

On Friday November 24th we’ll be offering 3 different opportunities for you to take an in studio small group session for free. 

To save a spot in one of these sessions you can email us or use Mindbody to request a spot under the appointments section of Mindbody.  Space is limited so you’ll want to reserve a spot soon if it works for you to join us that day!

We’ll also be having a free virtual all levels Pilates class that day at 8 am for anyone who would rather get their workout in at home!

A Yoga class designed for age 50+?

Kimberly Blackwell, physical therapist and yoga instructor at Rivercity Pilates
Kimberly, PT and Yoga Instructor

Yoga is one of those movement practices that I think a lot of people have heard of, a lot of people have thought about because they realize it could really help them with feeling better in their body, but people hesitate to try because they feel intimidated by joining a group class.

Kim’s Wednesday small group Yoga session is designed for those 50 and up who are interested in practicing Yoga as a way to improve their flexibility and strength.

P.S.  You can still take this session if you are under 50 but I want everyone to know that you are not going to be coming in and taking sessions designed for 20 year old bodies!!  

Kim’s small group Yoga sessions are individualized to those coming in and you can be confident that you’ll feel comfortable in this session even if you are challenged by things like balance, getting down to the floor and back up, kneeling, any sort of plank or push up position or flexibility. You’ll love how Kim helps you create a Yoga practice in your life that you love!!

Try a small group yoga session for free all month long by simply emailing us.

Shelley Mockler, PT & Pilates Instructor at Rivercity Pilates.

Staff Spotlight: Shelley M

Learn Yin Yoga

Saturdays at 10 am
Taught by Jenny Fitzpatrick

Yin Yoga consists of poses primarily done on the floor and held for a longer period of time, usually 2-5 minutes or longer. The approach to posture in Yin is different than other yoga classes which will typically activate different muscular groups to bring a posture into its full expression. With Yin Yoga gravity is used to hold a pose in place.

What does Yin Yoga do for our body?

  • Yin yoga encourages us to slow down and practice stillness.    Props like blankets and Yoga blocks are used to find the best position for each body.
  • The muscles should not be engaged during yin yoga postures. This allows muscles to lengthen and stretch and also gently lengthens connective tissues giving your joints a sense of space.

Common benefits of practicing Yin Yoga:

  • The body feels like it moves with ease.
  • A sense of calm and decreased anxiety and stress
  • Better alignment and posture from releasing tightness in the body.

Sign up for Yin Yoga Sessions by requesting a Saturday 10 am small group session  or email us and we’ll schedule sessions for you.