Are you looking for a movement class that’s fun, challenging, and makes you feel rejuvenated? Ready to try something new and exciting? Join us for our weekly steel mace yoga class. It’s a supportive, judgment-free zone where we’re all discovering our strength and vitality. Your body (and mind) will thank you! Yoga instructor Shuva Rahim […]

If you have worked with me it’s likely you’ve heard me say, the most effective things to help us feel better in our body are often the most simple things. They are often so simple that people don’t do them because they seem so simple that they don’t convince themselves to add these things into their […]

I was thinking this week about the phrase body, mind and spirit.  Joseph Pilates was quoted as saying that “Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” This phrase body, mind and spirit to me refers to a focus on the whole person and I do think that this focus is something that sets Pilates […]