Carey Sadler demonstrating a tower exercise

New Monday 11 am Pilates small group equipment session with Shiho! Ready to create a regular Pilates practice in your life?  Need the accountability of coming to the studio?    Shiho is now offering small group Pilates Tower sessions Monday’s at 11 am, Wednesdays at 9 am and Thursdays at 5:30 pm.  The Pilates tower […]

Shuva is back teaching a Wednesday night small group Yoga session and we’ve created a new name for this session!  We love this name because we think it embodies what Shuva and all of our teachers are so passionate about…making movement accessible, fun and beneficial to your life no matter where you are in your […]

March Matness started back in 2013 when Pilates teacher Benjamin Degenhardt decided to create kind of a March Madness for Pilates enthusiasts.. He posted a picture each day of March with one of the 34 original Pilates Mat exercises bringing awareness to the exercises, the Pilates Method and to the people who love to practice Pilates. […]