NEW! Roll & Release Small Groups!

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Carey Sadler, Owner Rivercity Pilates, North Liberty IOwa

If you have worked with me it’s likely you’ve heard me say, the most effective things to help us feel better in our body are often the most simple things. They are often so simple that people don’t do them because they seem so simple that they don’t convince themselves to add these things into their routines or into their daily life.    

Years (and years) ago I started practicing and learning rolling techniques with a teacher named Jill Miller.  Rolling is a way to practice self massage techniques to release tightness and tension in muscles and connective tissues throughout the body. Personally I found the practice empowering because when I noticed tightness or discomfort in my body I felt like I always had a tool I could easily use to help my body feel better. 

As a teacher I loved that I could use the techniques to help clients do the same thing.  As a teacher I also noticed that by adding in regular rolling sessions with my clients they  were feeling better in their body, were able to work in a more balanced way and got more out of the Pilates and strength training work they were already practicing because of it.  Needless to say I am a big fan of rolling!

There is one thing I notice though that I’m not a big fan of….these simple techniques fall into the category of almost too simple! Most people say that even though they can immediately feel the benefit of this work, they don’t prioritize adding it into their life. 

For many of my clients, they weren’t doing the beneficial rolling practice unless I made sure they were doing it when they came to see me.  This inspired me to create our Roll and Release Small Group Sessions as a regular offering at the studio.

I’m so excited to announce that we’ll be offering weekly Roll and Release small group sessions that will allow more of you to create a regular rolling practice in your life!

When you come in for your session we’ll have a mat set up for you with a lot different balls and rollers available for you.  Your teacher will guide you through a variety of movements and rolls designed to help you release tension and tightness throughout your body. 

These sessions are doable by ANY body and no experience is needed. If you are new to rolling check out the video I included below as an example.  This Psoas roll is one I recommend for those with tightness in their hips. If you have a ball at home try it out and let me know what you think.  

Starting July 20th we’ll be offering a weekly Saturday 10am and a Monday 5pm Roll and Release Small Group Session!   

Curious about creating a rolling practice? Email me to try out a Roll and Release session for free!