A Yoga class designed for age 50+?

Kimberly Blackwell, physical therapist and yoga instructor at Rivercity Pilates
Kimberly, PT and Yoga Instructor

Yoga is one of those movement practices that I think a lot of people have heard of, a lot of people have thought about because they realize it could really help them with feeling better in their body, but people hesitate to try because they feel intimidated by joining a group class.

Kim’s Wednesday small group Yoga session is designed for those 50 and up who are interested in practicing Yoga as a way to improve their flexibility and strength.

P.S.  You can still take this session if you are under 50 but I want everyone to know that you are not going to be coming in and taking sessions designed for 20 year old bodies!!  

Kim’s small group Yoga sessions are individualized to those coming in and you can be confident that you’ll feel comfortable in this session even if you are challenged by things like balance, getting down to the floor and back up, kneeling, any sort of plank or push up position or flexibility. You’ll love how Kim helps you create a Yoga practice in your life that you love!!

Try a small group yoga session for free all month long by simply emailing us.

client on a Pilates reformer at RIvercity Pilates.

Can 1 session a week make a difference?

Do you have 1 hour a week you could dedicate to yourself?

We live in a society that has conditioned us to think that if we can’t be at the gym 5 days a week, commit to 3 Pilates sessions a week or practice Yoga daily then it’s probably just not worth it.. This is the biggest lie you could tell yourself!  

Pilates sessions at RIvercity Pilates

In fact as a movement teacher for 25 years I can tell you that I would much rather see someone start adding in 1 movement session a week versus 3 or 4 because the people that add in a once a week session usually create a habit of movement in their life that they actually stick with.  

Probably the biggest “secret” to success when it comes to movement and exercise to create results(like improved strength, less pain, more ease in your movements..)  is consistency!!

If you are waiting to start moving more until you have time for 2, 3 or 4 sessions a week it could be a year or two from now before you actually start!!

I promise that one session a week will help you build strength, mobility and just plain feel better in your body!  I am so confident in that statement that if you decide to add a weekly session in and after 10 sessions you don’t feel better in your body...we’ll refund all of your sessions!

Would you like to learn what Pilates can do for you?

If you are brand new to Pilates or it’s been awhile since you’ve practiced be sure to check out our complimentary intro session!! We would love for you to experience what a regular Pilates practice can do for your body and your life!

If you’ve been curious about exploring Pilates in your body…this is the perfect chance to try it out by signing up for a FREE introductory session! Click here to schedule a time that works for you!

Are you new to Pilates? Here’s a quick description of the Pilates method of movement:

Start your Pilates Journey at Rivercity Pilates in North Liberty.

Pilates is a mind-body exercise developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He and his wife Clara taught students this unique method of exercise. They called it ‘contrology,’ which teaches and encourages controlling your muscles with your mind by focusing attention on core postural muscles that provide spinal support and help keep the body balanced. Pilates’ exercises were developed to teach breath awareness, spine alignment, and abdominal muscle strength.

We love to introduce people to Pilates!   These sessions are geared for anyone who wants to learn more about what Pilates is all about! We’ll start the session with a general talk about what Pilates is and the different ways to practice it. After that we’ll get you moving so you can experience the method in your body.  We’ll review the fundamental concepts and ideas we use in Pilates and encourage you to try some Pilates exercises.  You will get to try out some exercises on the Pilates equipment! 

In your session your teacher will show you how to adapt each movement to your body to make it most effective for you.  It will be a fun, informative session that let you explore the Pilates method in your body.

Who thought up Desk Jockey Yoga?

by Shuva Rahim, Yoga Instructor

When I taught a session earlier this year, I used the phrase “desk jockey” when cueing backbends. I picked up it from one of my yoga teacher friends. But I loved saying it because it’s a hard truth.

Many of us sit with our spines rounded and neck bent looking down at the computer for hours on end. Inevitably, that posture impacts how we look, feel, and present ourselves to the world.

Everyone one of us is in some way a desk jockey. For many of us, myself included, our jobs are very sedentary. And unfortunately, for many of us that extends into our home lives when we sit in front of the TV.

Enter the idea for a workshop that I’m excited to teach.

Here’s the basics:

Desk Jockey Yoga
5:30 to 6:45 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 20
Rivercity Pilates, 

1210 N. Jordan St. #1, North Liberty, IA

Fee: $25

In this 75-min workshop you’ll learn:

  • Simple breathing techniques
  • Movements you can do at your desk without changing out of your work attire. These include movements to help with:
    • Stiff neck and shoulders
    • Sore lower back
    • Tired hands and wrists
    • And more…

Attendees will leave with a routine they can do on their own. They’ll also receive tips to help keep themselves energized throughout the day. No yoga experience is necessary.

Space is limited. To register, go to Rivercity Pilates to sign up, or send an email Carey (studio owner) to rcpilates1@gmail.com and let her know you’re interested.

Would you fit in at Rivercity Pilates?

Carey sadler, Rivercity Pilates.

Somebody asked me the other day, “What are the other clients like that come into the studio?” I think they really wanted to know if there would be others in group sessions who would be similar to them in terms of age and health goals.  

The question had me thinking about how I would describe most of our clients who come in to the studio and I came up with a few key characteristics that I wanted to share with you!

Our clients are learners! They really appreciate having time to learn more about how their body works, learn more about how they can use movement to feel better and improve their health.  They really embrace their exercise time not just as something they do to lose weight or look a certain way, but as a way to practice things that help them maintain and improve their health. 

Our clients love to know why we have them doing things and what it does for their body (and we love sharing that knowledge!)  Our clients will often ask questions about why they are doing something and they will often ask their instructors for ideas on how they can continue to work on specific things outside of the studio.  Our clients love to know that the exercises they are doing are helping them do things like improve their balance, strengthen their bones and stay mobile.

Our clients exercise to improve their health and they truly appreciate that movement helps their body feel better and is a health tool in their life. Want to know how I know this?  Each week so many of our clients come into their sessions not feeling so great in their bodies!   You read that right…they come in to exercise even though things hurt or they don’t feel the best in their body because they know that the way to feel better is to move their body!!

Each session when we ask clients how they are feeling at the beginning of their session we hear them say things like….my low back is sore today, I’ve been really noticing my knee hurting this week, or my shoulder feels really tight.   Our clients know that when they come in to their session their teacher will help them practice a whole body workout that feels appropriate for their body and they know they will feel better when they leave!

Our clients are confident knowing that they won’t ever be pressured to do an exercise or movement that doesn’t feel good in their body.  Our clients know that their teacher will adapt their session to them so they can improve their strength and mobility in a safe way. Our clients know that a regular movement practice helps their body feel the best!

So what do you think…did my general description of our clients sound like you? What other characteristics did I miss? Email me and let me know!!

If you need any help scheduling sessions or have any questions remember you can always just send me an email! I would love to hear from you!

NEW: Big Ball Pilates Mat

Big Ball Pilates Mat with Kathryn

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm
June 7 – 28

Kathryn is back teaching for us this summer and she’s offering a small group Pilates Mat session that incorporates the Big Exercise Ball! This small group will incorporate the Big Exercise Ball into the Pilates Mat exercises for a fun twist on the traditional Pilates Mat exercises!  

Why practice Pilates with the Big Ball?

  • Fun – adding a big ball to your Pilates Mat workouts will make you smile we promise!
  • Balance – The big ball challenges our body to improve its balance skills by adding instability to each exercise. You’ll love how the ball gives you feedback and helps you improve your balance skills!
  • Strength – The Big Ball is an especially great prop for adding extra strengthening into your Pilates Mat practice.  You’ll learn lots of great variations that help you improve your overall strength!

Sign up for Big Ball Small Group Pilates Mat Sessions by requesting a Thursday 5:30 pm Pilates Mat session (June 7-28th) in Mindbody or simply email us and we’ll schedule sessions for you. You can schedule a single session or attend all 4 sessions!