Age Strong by Improving Strength & Balance!


Looking for some accountability and coaching so you can stay consistent and improve your balance and strength? 

Here’s are our recommendations:

Strength Training Small Group Sessions

If you know you need to add strengthening into your exercise routine but are not quite sure what to do, how to do it or maybe you are just not motivated to do it on your own…this small group sesison is for you!

Each session will use weights, resistance bands and body weight exercises to improve your strength and even help you increase bone density.  You’ll be able to start at your level and progress as you get stronger. No experience is needed.

Balance Small Group Sessions

Clients who attend this weekly session tell us they feel stronger and more confident in their ability to balance when life gives them a balance challenge! If you are finding your ability to maintain your balance is declining as you age…this weekly session is for you!

The entire session is done either seated in a chair or standingEach session will include exercises to improve your overall strength, improve your flexibility and mobility, increase your core strength, increase strength and mobility in your feet and ankles and exercises that give you chance to safely practice your balance so you can improve it!

You’ll use weights and bands for strengthening exercises.    This session is safe and recommended for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

This weekly session is Thursday at 10 am.

On Demand Balance Classes 

(Same Great Instructor/Training – but you can take at home)

If you’re so busy you have trouble getting to the studio consistently – our on demand subscription for Balance & Mobility is just what you need! Get a variety of on demand videos focused on improving balance that you can exercise with as your schedule allows!   Only $19.99 per month!