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Welcome to Rivercity Pilates

Pilates and Yoga can be amazing health tools that help you feel good in your body and live your best life.

Empower your body ~ Inspire Your Life

Hate to exercise?

We know that exercise time is not everybody's favorite thing for so many reasons.. but we are willing to bet that your experience at Rivercity Pilates might just change your mind!

Our excitement about the possibility of changing how your body and life feel by adding Pilates and Yoga into your life is just a little contagious!

Our friendly, trained teachers will create workouts designed for you and your goals. Our group classes are purposely small so they will seem personal every time you are in.

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Pilates & MORE

We offer lots of different ways to practice mindful movement like Pilates and Yoga because we know that every BODY learns differently. We have a wide variety of small group classes from as early as 5:30 am to as late as 7pm.

We offer private and semi-private training sessions 7 days a week at just about any time imaginable.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary private session so we can get to know you and give you guidance as to what options might work best for your body and your life.

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Why try Pilates?

Need an at home workout during #stayathome?

We understand! Keeping your body healthy, strong and mobile during #stayathome is beyond important! We’ve adapted our in studio services so that we can offer our community fun, effective workouts that are easy to access virtually.

New to Pilates, Barre or Yoga? Email us to learn about our Beginner classes and our recommendations for where to start! We’ll connect with you to learn more about what you are looking for and where you are starting to give you our recommendation for where to start.

And don't be worried about the technology!! We are here to walk you through every step! Learn More

Getting Started
Starting something new is hard.
We know you're terrified. Absolutely nobody enjoys starting something new at a new place! That's why we try to make the getting process started as easy and comfortable for you as possible!

We suggest starting with a complimentary private session designed to introduce you to the studio and allow us to get to know you so we can help you get started in a way that makes sense for your body and your life.

We look forward to introducing you to Rivercity Pilates. We know you'll find a friendly atmosphere, supportive and encouraging teachers, and fun, like minded clients who share many of the fitness and health goals that you do.

What to expect in your free session


What they are saying

  • In everyday life I incorporate breathing and remembering to engage core and other muscles. This is one of the reasons that I was able to shovel snow for 3 hours last winter without injury!
  • The virtual classes have provided a great predictable routine.  As we know, not much else is predictable these days!  I have actually been more consistent with my participation since classes went virtual due to the ease of exercising in my own home. 
  • I have noticed much less back and neck discomfort since starting Pilates. I was advised against hard impact to my heels, so the Zumba and Ballet for Fitness classes have been wonderful to help stretch me out and satisfy my love for dance.
  • I really appreciate the thorough workout a person can achieve with a 50 minute class on the Pilates Tower. The various motions that can be accomplished is amazing! One morning session can definitely change your frame of mind for the rest of the day! 
    inspiration of the month Jff miller from Solon iowa
  • I like to stay active, but find I won't maintain a regular fitness routine on my own (sad, but true!). Thankfully Rivercity Pilates, and the instructors, chose to offer some virtual classes while so many of us are staying at home.  At a time when every routine in our lives is upended, the opportunity to continue Pilates classes with familiar instructors and classmates is comforting and provides a bit of normalcy in an otherwise wacky time.
  • I have had a lot of lower back and hip problems since my son was born almost 18 years ago. Pilates has really helped strengthen my lower back and my hip is not stiff and sore like it used to be. I can really tell in the morning when I get out of bed that I feel so much better! 
  • Pilates has helped me manage my pain/discomfort from Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome on a daily basis. When I start my day with Pilates it always makes me feel so much better mentally and physically 
  • Initially in Pilates classes, I was surprised at my lack of balance and core strength. My awareness was brought to light by the gradual progression of Pilates routines. During semi private sessions I find that Pilates gives me a complete and challenging workout that is refreshing at the end of each class.
  • Pilates for me is a big benefit to my stress and tension levels. When I do an early morning class I stand taller and I'm ready for the day. 
  •  My goals are mostly to be strong and able to do the things I love:  travel, garden, and hopefully age gracefully.  As a nurse, I am very aware of the importance of avoiding falls so I really appreciate the balance class.  I am much more conscious now of using my core to do the things I want to do without falling. 
  • I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without virtual classes right now! I am not much of a morning person usually, but I have found that starting my day with a 6:00 am class (and only having to get up a few minutes before to make it!) has been a great mood-setter for a positive day.
  • I'm a runner- currently training for a marathon- and have used Pilates to help strengthen my core. This helps me especially when training or racing on uphill terrains. 
  • My original goal was to see how much I could push my hip, after being treated for bursitis for almost 2 years. It kept stiffening up and I was getting really frustrated about not being able to sleep or resume normal activity. I am delighted with the outcomes- I can not only move again but I've met wonderful people along the way!   
  •  Both Yoga and Pilates have helped build some core strength and flexibility.   I wasn't getting that on a bike and my back feels so much better.  From cycling I had very tight quads and calves, which contributed to some knee pain and plantar fasciitis issues.  Yoga and Pilates have helped me stretch out those muscles and work on overall leg strength.
  • I am pretty positive that I have more flexibility now than I had in my teens, though I've never been super flexible. I have more patience with my body now and I appreciate what it can do and how far it has come! 
  • I feel like I'm using my muscles more as they are meant to be used. I'm more aware of my core muscles and my posture, and I am finding muscles I didn't realize I had. I have more energy and it just seems to motivate me to be more active. 
  • The movement methods taught have allowed me to be more flexible and certainly stronger which is very satisfying. The outcome of this is reduced inflammation and less soreness.
  • My back pain is so much better. Before Pilates, I have would have to miss work or take muscle relaxers when my back went out. I have not called in sick to work because of my back in a year. I am so much stronger. I love it! 
  • My lumbar pain has been a problem I've had for many years. Since starting Pilates several years ago, the lumbar pain is considerably less and mostly gone.  
  • My greatest physical improvements are my core strength and posture(shoulders engaged!). My range of motion for all joints has improved as well. Life/mental improvements are noted as better sleep and less anxiety, as I find myself taking deep Pilates breaths throughout the day.
  • I have increased my core strength significantly! I use the Pilates principles to keep my back safe while participate in (modified) Crossfit classes and gardening.  
  •  The virtual classes are fabulous. I feel like I am in a classroom setting and I am more aware of executing my movements correctly not just moving thru them. I enjoy the Pilates and Yoga Chair classes as they have helped me regain balance along with the Barre classes.