Simple, consistent movement has made a difference in my life!

Carey Sadler, Owner of Riercity Pilates.

I often get asked what my Pilates practice looks like.  As a studio owner I have access to all the toys and all the Pilates equipment but I have to tell you the Pilates Mat exercises are the bread and butter of my Pilates practice!

Over the years I have found personally that keeping my movement practice consistent is the key to me feeling great and the Pilates Mat exercises are easy for me to get in no matter where I am and with very little “extra stuff” needed.

In the morning when I wake up I start my day with a 15 minute meditation and then practice a simple Pilates Mat routine.  I also get in workouts on the Pilates equipment and I play and move a lot when I’m at the studio but my PIlates Mat practice…is really my thing!  I love that whether I’m at home or traveling I can always find time and space to get my Pilates practice in!

If you are looking for guidance on learning the Pilates Mat exercises and creating a practice in your life I want to encourage you to try one of our in studio small group sessions…you might just create a movement practice that you can continue for the rest of your life!

Schedule a session Sunday’s at 5pm, Wednesdays at 8 am or Thursday at 4:30 pm!

Rivercity Pilates In Studio Small Group Session schedule in North Liberty, Iowa.

NEW! 4 Week Beginner Friendly Arms & Abs Pilates

Kimberly is excited to be offering her Arms & Abs Pilates Mat Class as a 4 week in studio series in February, Wednesdays at 6 pm! We love a session theme and Arms and Abs has been a favorite among clients over the years!

Looking for a workout that improves your core strength and specifically strengthens your upper body? 

This 4 week beginner friendly Pilates series will practice Pilates Mat exercises with a special focus on strengthening your core muscles and improving your arm and shoulder strength Pilates style!

This small group session will be 5 clients maximum.  Sign up now to snag a spot and get our early bird discount!! Early Bird Discounts ends on January 15th!  ( save $15 with the early bird pricing!)

You’ll get to use a variety of props to support and challenge you.

As always at Rivercity Pilates you’ll feel comfortable working at your level and you’ll feel comfortable asking Kimberly questions about what you are doing.  

4 weeks for only $89

Brand new to the studio?
  Take a complimentary private session with Kimberly to get introduced to the studio, get introduced to Pilates and learn more about opportunities to work with Kimberly and the rest of our Rivercity Pilates staff!  Kimberly has openings on Monday January 15, January 22nd or January 29th at 7 pm. Click here to schedule.  

If you need to miss a week…no worries! You can make-up your missed session in any other group session on our schedule. Already have a Pilates Mat Session Package? You can use any Pilates Mat, Strength or Yoga Package for this series!

NEW Yoga Workshop with Kim Blackwell

Yoga for Aging Strong Workshop

Wednesday, January 31 at 10 am

Space limited to 5 clients
JUST $25

Designed for those new to Yoga, 50 and over,  who want to learn about the benefits of Yoga, try it out and get all their questions answered in a fun, non intimidating environment.  

This might be for you if you have said:

  • I kind of want to try yoga but….
  • What if I have a hard time getting to the floor and back up?
  • Want if kneeling is uncomfortable for me?
  • What if I’m really tight and inflexible?
  • What if my balance is not very good?
  • I’m not sure if I have the body shape to do Yoga.
  • I’ve had a knee replacement.
  • I have had a hip replacement.

Kim will chat in the beginning about the benefits of Yoga, explain how it can be adapted to any body and then you’ll learn some basic Yoga movements in your body.  The session will be informative, fun and we promise you’ll be comfortable asking as many questions as you like!

Everyone in class will have a chair to sit in during discussion time and Kim will always the option of doing each exercise with a chair.  This means if you don’t want to get to the floor for an exercise you’ll always have that option!

Expect to leave this Yoga workshop having a better understanding of how practicing Yoga could help you and feeling confident that you can practice Yoga if you want to.

You do not need a mat or anything specific for this workshop.  Simply bring yourself in comfortable clothes.

Workshop Bonus: Every participant will get access to a free Yoga for Aging Strong on Demand Class, perfect for practicing what you learn at the workshop anytime!


What in the world is an OOV?

The shape of the OOV is engineered to match the natural spinal curves of your body. (that’s why it looks so silly!)

The OOV can be used in a variety of positions to help us do movements and exercises. The most common position is to lay with your back positioned on the OOV. The shape and the material the OOV is made of help create a lengthening or traction of the spine as you lay on it.  After laying on the OOV and doing exercises on it and then coming off, many clients experience an amazing feeling in their back. For me, when I lay on the mat after getting off the OOV it feels like my back has  lengthened out and is more connected to the mat underneath of me (which feels fabulous!). 

The OOV is designed to help you activate and strengthen core muscles and is a great compliment to traditional Pilates exercises that Joseph Pilates created.  The shape of the OOV makes it “wobbly” and that means when you are using it your body has to figure out how to use your muscles to stabilize your body to be able to practice movements while utilizing it.  So pretty much everything we do on the OOV is balance training(woohoo!).

The OOV is commonly used in private Pilates sessions and in our small group equipment sessions
. Since each session you take at the studio (private session or small group session) is designed uniquely for each person coming in, any day could be an OOV day. But of course you can always request to work on it by simply letting your teacher know!  

Have questions about the OOV? Simply email me! Want to schedule a private session to try out the OOV or join one of our small group Pilates equipment sessions? I can help you schedule that too!