New Better Balance Small Group Session

If you are 50 or older I’m guesing you’ve found yourself thinking…oh, I should really work on my balance.  As we get older our balance can decline especially if we are not actively working on it.  Being able to balance is key to just navigating life and avoiding falls that could lead to injury.

We are sooo excited to welcome retired Physical therapist and Pilates instructor Mary Smith to our staff.  Mary is beyond excited to share her movement expertise with Rivercity Pilates as she starts teaching a Better Balance Small group session weekly.  Mary tells us that balance is something that she works on in her own body and she’s excited to help others create some consistent practice time in their lives because she knows how important it is!

Mary Smith, Instructor at Rivercity Pilates.

The Better Balance small group session will be held in our Inspire studio room and will be limited to 5 participants.  The entire session will be done either sitting in a chair or standing.

The class will focus on all the things that helps us improve balance.  Specifically you’ll work on building overall strength using hand weights and resistance bands, you’ll practice movements designed to improve mobility and flexibility, you’ll work on building core strength, you’ll work on strengthening your feet and ankles, and of course you’ll practice movements that specifically work on balance.  

Pricing for the Better Balance Small Group Sessions will be the same as our small group Pilates Mat sessions, Strength sessions and Yoga sessions.  This means if you have a Pilates Mat, Yoga or Strength package you can use those sessions for Better Balance Small group sessions.  

Pre Purchase a 5 package of Better Balance Small Group Session before May 1 and we’ll throw a sixth session in for free!  Click here to purchase!

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