If you think that “private Pilates sessions” sounds like something for movie stars or athletes, but not you…think again. We have lots of everyday people who take private Pilates sessions because they want to exercise in a safe, effective way for their individual body. Just a few of the reasons that everyday people enjoy private sessions include:

  • They enjoy one on one sessions instead of group classes. They love the convenience of scheduling a session time that is ideal for their life and their schedule. They also love knowing that each session is tailored to their exact needs.
  • They have health stuff going on in their life (recovering from an injury or surgery, chronic back pain, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, chronic knee pain, hyper mobility, movement restrictions, etc.) and want a safe workout individualized to exactly what they need to function best in their life.
  • They love how individual sessions allow teachers to explain concepts in more detail so they feel like they are able to learn how to better take care of their body.
  • They want to learn the basics of the Pilates method in an individualized way before jumping into a group class.
  • They love the accountability of working one on one with a teacher.
  • They love that they can take Pilates with them when they travel. Many clients will keep up their Pilates sessions when they travel by doing virtual sessions with their teacher. When this option isn’t available teachers will create customized workouts that they can easily do in a hotel room or hotel fitness facility when traveling.

Wondering what happens in a private Pilates session? Think of it as a personal training session with gentle coaching (no yelling or pushing you beyond your comfort zone) that uses the Pilates method of exercise to help you achieve your movement and fitness goals.


Single Solo Session $90
5 pack Solo sessions $425 ($85/session)
10 pack Solo Sessions $800 ($80/session)
20 pack Solo Sessions $1500 ($75/session)

Ready to make some changes in your body and life?  Private sessions will get you started in the best possible way!  You’ll be feeling stronger, more energized, more confident in your body and you’ll create a habit of consistent movement in your life! Your first private session at the studio is complimentary.