Pilates improves your golf game!

Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediare, Phil Mickelson, Carin Coch, Annika Sorenstan, Camilo Vilegas, Richard Beem, Butch Harmon, Betsy King, David Duval, and Kelli Kuehne all do Pilates to improve their golf game. There must be a reason – right?

What can Pilates do for your golf game?

1. Pilates will strengthen your core muscles.  The overall core strength gained from Pilates can help improve your swing by increasing your ability to stabilize your body as well as being able to initiate movement from those core muscles.

2.  Pilates will increase your flexibility. When you have more mobility in spine and  more flexibility in your muscles you can easily get more rotation. More rotation in your body makes for a more efficient, powerful golf swing.

3.  Pilates will improve your concentration.  Concentration is one of the founding principles of Pilates and every movement requires you to concentrate on exactly what your body is doing.  Concentration, like any other skill will improve the more you practice it.  Your improved concentration will allow you to fine tune your golf swings and make the most out of your game.

4.   Pilates will balance your body and help you prevent injuries.  The Pilates method of exercise promotes uniform development of all the muscles in the body.  By creating balance in your musculature you can prevent overuse injuries which can be very common for serious golfers.

Learn more about the benefits of Pilates by scheduling your complimentary private Pilates session today!

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