Celebrate March MATness with Carey

Every March the Pilates Community celebrates March MATness! It’s a whole month dedicated to celebrating the Pilates Mat exercises that Joseph Pilates created.  Each day of the month is dedicated to an exercise in the traditional Pilates Mat exercise repetoire.

What can you expect from Pilates? We each have our own distinctive body shape, size and dimensions. Keeping this in mind, there are a number of ways that Pilates exercises can improve the way you feel in your body.

  • Better posture
  • Increased overall muscle tone especially related to the torso and abdominal wall referred to as the powerhouse/scoop
  • Less overall bulk – you’ll move with more grace and ease

Pilates will also change the way you feel!

  • When your body is incorrectly aligned for sustained periods of time, it is not uncommon to experience fatigue, discomfort and irritability. Pilates exercises will give you more energy and stamina to enjoy life!
  • Lowers stress levels and increases overall sense of well-being
  • Fewer headaches and less incidence of back pain (when skeletal structure imbalance is posture-based)
  • Boosted immune system
  • Sharper mental focus

What our clients tell us they find most valuable is that Pilates has got them moving more and that they have changed the way they move.

  • They have improved flexibility
  • They have greater ratios of muscle tone leading to increased stamina for sports and leisure activities
  • They have better balance and less incidence of chronic injury

Want to learn Pilates and celebrate Pilates March MATness with Carey?  She’ll be teaching a 4 week all levels Pilates Mat small group session on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am.  Purchase the 4 week series for $99 or use any Pilates Mat, Strength or Yoga small group package

Each session will focus on practicing the traditional Pilates Mat exercises adapted to your body