What’s so magic about the magic circle?

The magic circle was created by Joseph Pilates and is one of the most versatile fitness props around.  In this month’s #livebetter workshop we’ll be talking about what makes it so magical!  

We’ll be going through a basic Pilates Mat series of exercises and learning how the magic circle can be supportive and help you do the exercise better (ie make something you struggle with seem easier!) and we’ll be showing you how you can use it for the same exercise in a way that will challenge you when you are ready to progress in your practice.  

This workshop is perfect for beginners who are looking for ways they can get stronger in their body by using a prop for assistance and perfect for those who have been practicing for awhile and want to learn how to use the circle to challenge themselves! Any magic circle or fitness ring will work!  Magic circles can purchased in our online store.

The workshop will be recorded and all participants will receive a recording of the live workshop.  Live Workshop is Sunday, March 28th at 3 pm.
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