How did she come up with these exercises?

Ever wonder how our instructors get ready for or class or how they decide what they are going to teach for each class you attend? Here’s a quick behind the scenes look at what goes into each class you take.

1. The instructor checks to see who is signed up for class and grabs each client chart ( yes -if you are a client at the studio you have a detailed personal chart that each instructor writes in after each session!!)  to read about:

  • what each client has been doing in previous sessions
  • any injuries or past injuries that effect the clients workout( for example: client has a past knee injury that makes kneeling uncomfortable)     IMG_8514
  • the settings the client is using on the equipment, this includes spring settings and basic equipment set up

2.  The instructor will set up the studio room and personalize a space for each client.  This means getting out any props such as balls, pads, magic circles or whatever they might want to teach with.  This also includes setting up equipment for each client.

3.  As class time gets near, instructors try to greet clients as they arrive and check in with them before class.  This is a time where instructors often check in to see how clients felt after their last session as well as checking in to see how everyone is feeling in their bodies on that particular day.  This may seem like small talk to you but our instructors use this information to tailor each class to the individuals in each class.

A great example of this would be something like this:  It’s the middle of winter and we just had a a few inches of snow fall the night before.   As the instructor is greeting incoming clients she noticed a trend that two or three clients mention how stiff they are feeling in their low backs probably due to shoveling the day before.  During class the instructor is able to add in some specific exercises and movements designed to lengthen and stretch the back.

IMG_00404.  Now the fun begins- it’s class time!  During each class the instructor is guiding a diverse group of people through a workout while constantly adjusting and cuing for each individual client(not always an easy task!) Safety is always a number one concern and you’ll notice our instructors using their words and actions to make each class safe and appropriate for everyone.  During class the instructor is constantly adjusting their teaching to find a perfect balance of challenging even the most seasoned Pilates veteran while making a beginner client feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

5. As class wraps up, instructors try to check in again with clients to see how they felt throughout class and get any feedback that might help them make their teaching more effective in the future.

6. After class, the instructor makes notes in each clients chart about the level of workout they did, any new exercises they learned, any modifications or specific adjustments they made to the client and a note about what they want to focus on next time they see that client.

Interested in learning more about our small group classes?  Sign up for a complimentary private session or class to get introduced to the studio and our instructors.  P.S.  We love it when clients take advantage of our complimentary private session first as it gives us a chance to better know you and your body AND tailor your class experience to you!!

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