Got Pain? Try Neural Reset Therapy®!


I am a hope-filled cynical person. I try things in hope they will be good, but I’m generally braced for disappointment. So when I jammed my sciatic joint — LOTS of nerves run through there — I was prepared for my physical therapy to do me good, and for it to take time. What I was less prepared for was the amount of pain that would persist during that time. After 9 days of taking ibuprofen 24/7, Neural Reset Therapy® was suggested to me.

I didn’t fully understand Neural Reset Therapy®, but I knew enough to be sure it couldn’t hurt, and if it helped at all I’d be pleased. So, at Sara’s recommendation, I set up a session.

photo(12)The results were, truthfully, Amazing! At the end of the session, I honestly could not feel the injury at all. My range of motion was normal and painless. It was, frankly, freaky but great!

Over the next several hours, the sense of injury gradually reinstated itself, but at perhaps one-third its original strength. MORE than two-thirds of my pain was gone! I didn’t need ibuprofen anymore.

And my range of motion remained fully restored! (Which made for several surprised faces at my next physical therapy appointment.)

Got pain? Try this!   ~Kimberly(RCP instructor)


Learn more about massage Therapist Sara Hinde here and set up an appointment today!

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