Saturdays at 10 am
Taught by Jenny Fitzpatrick

Yin Yoga consists of poses primarily done on the floor and held for a longer period of time, usually 2-5 minutes or longer. The approach to posture in Yin is different than other yoga classes which will typically activate different muscular groups to bring a posture into its full expression. With Yin Yoga gravity is used to hold a pose in place.

What does Yin Yoga do for our body?

  • Yin yoga encourages us to slow down and practice stillness.    Props like blankets and Yoga blocks are used to find the best position for each body.
  • The muscles should not be engaged during yin yoga postures. This allows muscles to lengthen and stretch and also gently lengthens connective tissues giving your joints a sense of space.

Common benefits of practicing Yin Yoga:

  • The body feels like it moves with ease.
  • A sense of calm and decreased anxiety and stress
  • Better alignment and posture from releasing tightness in the body.

Sign up for Yin Yoga Sessions by requesting a Saturday 10 am small group session  or email us and we’ll schedule sessions for you.