Pilates after a total knee replacement!


October Inspiration of the Month, Jenny Fitzpatrick

When did you start Pilates and what inspired you to start?   I started with private sessions in December 2014 with Carey. I had a total knee replacement that year and was eager to get stronger and back into condition.

 How often do you practice Pilates and what type of sessions or classes have you been doing?  I typically attend a group class and private session each week at Rivercity Pilates. I have taken Pilates classes including Chair, Reformer, Equipment, Tower and also Yoga. Each style of exercise brings something different to learn and experience. I also have attended the Friday night girls night out Life Inspired which is always fun.

What benefits have you seen by committing to a regular Pilates practice?  I am definitely stronger as I can finally perform Teaser on the Reformer!  I like the integration of various muscles and the balance of flexibility and strength in the exercises. It is a workout I can do where my joints are not as grouchy which is wonderful.

 Do you have a favorite exercise or piece of equipment (or both)?  I really like the variety of options the most. I do enjoy a good stretch with push through on the Cadillac!

What would you say to someone thinking about starting Pilates?  Start today! The instructors are very knowledgeable and caring. They teach at your working level wherever that might be so you can have success.


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