Meet Shelley & Pippin

FullSizeRender (14)We have a little dog named Pippin. He came into my life much like Pilates did…unexpectedly! We weren’t expecting or planning to get another dog after losing our beloved lab of 13 years…maybe we should just be pet-less for a while, I thought. But, a friend posted Pippin’s photo on Facebook with, “Free to a good home”. My husband and I both asked each other, “Did you see that dog’s photo on Facebook? Isn’t he cute?” and then, “Should we go see him?”. Needless to say, we brought him home with us the very day we met him!

He was a bit of a challenge at first. He was a year and a half old when he came into our home and those formative years were spent in a large family and his “puppyhood” was somewhat undisciplined. He needed some attention and re-training for some bad habits and just a lot of love, consistency, and patience to build his confidence that we would kindly teach him and give him a new and loving home.

I unexpectedly found Pilates again in 2012, after many years away from it, when driving on Hwy. 965 in North Liberty. Did I see that sign on that building that said “Rivercity Pilates”?  Wow! I thought…so close to home and I remember loving Pilates! But, I was undisciplined, hadn’t been exercising, and my confidence in starting something new was very low…and like Pippin, I had some bad habits! I’d have to start at the beginning, meet new people…would they be patient with me and would I feel at home there? I was going to be a challenge…just like Pippin!

I went home and Googled Rivercity Pilates and really liked what I saw on the website. I got up my courage and made the call to schedule my complimentary Private Pilates session with Carey. I was nervous, but excited. I felt undisciplined and lacked confidence, but Carey was very patient with me. I kept going pretty regularly and I became stronger and more confident. I had rediscovered a form of mind-body exercise that I loved and gradually, (like Pippin new to our home), I became more comfortable and more at home at the studio, and more importantly, in my body! A year later when I couldn’t come to the studio for almost 9 months I missed it so much and couldn’t wait to get back to a regular Pilates practice. Now, I’m really “at home” with Pilates and anxious to keep learning more.


Shelley and Carey

Hopefully, my Pilates practice is maturing from “puppyhood” to the next level that is within my own abilities and strength, but with a gradual increase in knowledge of the methods and sequence of movements and how they feel in my body. Just like Pippin, I’ve learned to be more comfortable and feel at home…him with us, and me with Pilates.

Unexpected? Maybe not! Pilates coming into my life like Pippin coming into our family? Yes, I think they were both meant to be.

So, what’s next for me? Pilates Teacher Training starts tomorrow! Can’t wait for my next unexpected journey!

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