Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions are sessions designed for between 2 and 5 participants. Sessions meet on a weekly basis and the instructor creates sessions specifically for those who attend.

Small group sessions are great if you are motivated by working out with others in a supportive, inspiring environment. You can think of small groups as personal training groups with a specific focus. You’ll receive individualized instruction in a fun, comfortable environment from a teacher who knows you and specializes in helping you move in ways that are safe and effective for your body.

We have a variety of “open” groups that are available to anyone who wants to take a group session but doesn’t necessarily have others who are committed to practicing with you! We offer small groups utilizing the Pilates equipment, small groups to practice the Pilates Mat exercises, small groups to practice Yoga and Strength Training Small groups.

During your complimentary first session at the studio your instructor can recommend some small group options for you based on the type of session you want to do and current studio openings.

Small group sessions are scheduled by using the scheduling link below or can be scheduled by emailing the studio at