Who thought up Desk Jockey Yoga?

by Shuva Rahim, Yoga Instructor

When I taught a session earlier this year, I used the phrase “desk jockey” when cueing backbends. I picked up it from one of my yoga teacher friends. But I loved saying it because it’s a hard truth.

Many of us sit with our spines rounded and neck bent looking down at the computer for hours on end. Inevitably, that posture impacts how we look, feel, and present ourselves to the world.

Everyone one of us is in some way a desk jockey. For many of us, myself included, our jobs are very sedentary. And unfortunately, for many of us that extends into our home lives when we sit in front of the TV.

Enter the idea for a workshop that I’m excited to teach.

Here’s the basics:

Desk Jockey Yoga
5:30 to 6:45 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 20
Rivercity Pilates, 

1210 N. Jordan St. #1, North Liberty, IA

Fee: $25

In this 75-min workshop you’ll learn:

  • Simple breathing techniques
  • Movements you can do at your desk without changing out of your work attire. These include movements to help with:
    • Stiff neck and shoulders
    • Sore lower back
    • Tired hands and wrists
    • And more…

Attendees will leave with a routine they can do on their own. They’ll also receive tips to help keep themselves energized throughout the day. No yoga experience is necessary.

Space is limited. To register, go to Rivercity Pilates to sign up, or send an email Carey (studio owner) to rcpilates1@gmail.com and let her know you’re interested.