What do you travel with?

Do you take any Pilates or movement props with you when you travel?  I love hearing about what clients decide to take with them on the road.  Email me and let me know what you’ve taken with you when you travel!

Some of the most popular items I hear clients talking about taking with them this summer have been their resistance band and their massage therapy balls!  The resistance band is small, lightweight and takes up no room at all!  It allows you to do supported stretches, practice your Pilates Mat exercises with support and feedback and can be used for general strength exercises.    

The massage therapy balls are great for rolling your tired feet (extra walking on your trip?) and can easily be used while sitting in an airplane, in a car or at a hotel up against a wall to give tight, tense muscles some relief.

If you are new to Pilates you might be thinking….  Oh I don’t exercise when I’m on vacation…that’s my me time! Or maybe you can’t imagine wanting to take Pilates with you on the road? I get it…

Here’s the thing you need to know:  

The people who take their Pilates with them on the road aren’t doing it because they feel the need to not miss a one hour workout, they are doing it because they have discovered that by doing some simple movements in their life even when they travel they can keep their body happy and feeling great so that nothing slows them down in enjoying their life!   

Practicing Pilates has taught them that paying attention to their body and using movement as a tool in their life is something they actually want to do all the time, not just when they are at an exercise session!

If you are new to our community and are intrigued by this idea of wanting to move more in your life…email me and I can help you set up a complimentary private session to introduce you to Pilates!

Have a great week and as always reach out if you have any questions about Pilates movement, studio offerings or anything else!