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Are you new to Pilates? Here’s a quick description of the Pilates method of movement:

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Pilates is a mind-body exercise developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He and his wife Clara taught students this unique method of exercise. They called it ‘contrology,’ which teaches and encourages controlling your muscles with your mind by focusing attention on core postural muscles that provide spinal support and help keep the body balanced. Pilates’ exercises were developed to teach breath awareness, spine alignment, and abdominal muscle strength.

We love to introduce people to Pilates!   These sessions are geared for anyone who wants to learn more about what Pilates is all about! We’ll start the session with a general talk about what Pilates is and the different ways to practice it. After that we’ll get you moving so you can experience the method in your body.  We’ll review the fundamental concepts and ideas we use in Pilates and encourage you to try some Pilates exercises.  You will get to try out some exercises on the Pilates equipment! 

In your session your teacher will show you how to adapt each movement to your body to make it most effective for you.  It will be a fun, informative session that let you explore the Pilates method in your body.