Need a quick core workout?

Me doing some counter push ups

I have had 4 or 5 conversations with clients this week that all revolved around us talking about how great it is that adding in regular very simple movement into your life can make a profound difference in how your body feels.  As I noticed this I thought maybe it’s something I should write about this week, because maybe you need to be reminded of this idea…simple works!

  • Do you find yourself not getting movement time in because you overthink what you need to do?
  • Do you tell yourself that if you can’t squeeze in a 30 or 50 minute class today that you just won’t be able to “exercise” today?  

I can tell you for myself and for all the clients I see who are successful at using movement as a health tool in their life…. they don’t believe this myth!

Adding in a 10 minute daily walk, 5 minutes of stretching at the beginning of your day or even just wearing your toe separators for 15 minutes a day can effect how your whole body feels! Getting regular classes and sessions in will absolutely help you feel better in your body, but so will 3 minutes of counter push ups when you are making dinner or practicing your one leg balance while you brush your teeth.

Take a little time today to start thinking about how you can add more movement into your life and when you start doing it…appreciate how effective it can be!

Adding in small amounts of movement throughout your day can seem so trivial and so simple, which is why I think most people don’t do it!  Don’t believe that just because something is not excruciating hard for you that it won’t make a difference!

If you’re coming into the studio you’ve probably “caught me” at some time sneaking in a little movement time in between clients! A few of my favorite ways to add movement in through out my day are hanging, standing on our rock mat behind the front desk when waiting for clients and counter push-ups!

If you need a quick workout to fit into a very busy day — here’s a 4 minute core workout for you!

Do you have low back pain?

If you have low back pain and tightness — this might be the answer you’ve been looking for! We’re going to use our massage therapy balls, but you can also use any balls you have at home.

WARNING: Don’t judge until you’ve tried rolling for relief. It’s seriously AMAZING!

Want to learn more? You may want to try our 30 minute virtual Rolling for Relief class on Mondays at 11 central! Email us for more info!

2 Minute Exercise Break for your workday

Frequent breaks in sedentary activity may explain lower health risk related to waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), triglyceride levels, and 2-hour plasma glucose levels. 

As you may know, those risk factors, along with triglyceride and HDL levels, define the metabolic syndrome which dramatically increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and probably Alzheimer’s disease.    

Take a break from your work day by trying this great one leg balance exercise!

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Mixed Up Mat

Here’s an at home workout for you to try!

Relieve shoulder and neck tension in less than 10 minutes right now!

Do you hold tension in your neck and shoulders? Do you find yourself scrunching up your shoulders throughout your day without even realizing it? Maybe you find yourself scrunching your shoulders in your Pilates practice.
This braided towel mini workout will strengthen the muscles that help us find good posture and will leave your shoulders and back feeling amazing!  Need a braided towel for your at home workouts? Purchase one HERE.  If you  don’t have a braided towel you can use or big bath towel for this workout! 
picture of video

Balance and Strength Magic Circle Workout

This standing Magic Circle Workout will not only strengthen your body but will also help you work on your balance!  If you don’t have a magic circle at home we have some in the studio and VIP’s get $10 off if purchased in January.