What is the Pilates Chair??

What exactly is the Pilates Chair?  The word chair often creates images of a senior workout geared for those with limitations, when in reality the Pilates equipment named the Chair is a versatile spring based piece of equipment that can be great for practicing fundamental Pilates concepts but can also challenge even the most seasoned professional athlete.

In this quick video Carey will introduce the chair and show you just a few examples of different exercises that can be done on this amazing piece of Pilates equipment.

Could you feel results after only 1 Pilates session?

One of the most common questions I hear on a client’s second visit, goes something like this:

“I felt really great after our session. I felt taller and my posture was better. My ______________(fill in the blank with an achy body part like low back, shoulder, neck, foot, etc.) seems to be feeling better . . . could that really have been just from that one session?”
My simple answer: YES!

Here’s why:

The exercises you did in your first session were taught in a way unique to your body.  Your teacher took time to learn what was going on in your body at the beginning of your session by going through your health intake form and asking you questions about your movement time in your life.  After learning about you, your teacher taught a session that was designed to help your body stretch the muscles that were tight and strengthen the muscles that were weak or underdeveloped.  Doing these exercises tailored to your body resulted in your body practicing great alignment and had your body working in a really balanced way.  When you do this…your body appreciates it and you’ll know it because you actually feel better…even after just one session!! 

Wondering if that feeling better in your body after your first session will continue? It absolutely will!  Every time you practice Pilates you will be repeating this process of strengthening your underdeveloped muscles, stretching your tight muscles and bring your body closer and closer to your ideal, balanced alignment and posture! 

Like anything though…the more you practice Pilates the more you may take for granted how much it is helping you and not be so aware of it after each session.  Many of our clients comment to us that they forget how much their Pilates practice helps them feel better in their body until something happens in their life that they end up taking a few weeks off.  Clients comment that they can just feel a difference in their body, even after just a week or two.  Luckily, as soon as they get back to their movement time the “feel better” results come right back!

Ready to try an exercise method that gives you results every time you practice itClick here to read more about our complimentary first session or click here to set up a time for your first session!  

Attention beginners: Learn, move, strengthen, lengthen and feel better with this Pilates Mat Class!

This 4 week Pilates Mat class series is designed for those who are brand new to Pilates and want to learn what it is all about and how they can use the Pilates method of exercise to feel better and move better in their body.
This class will move slowly and purposefully.  Participants will get detailed explanations of how to do each movement in a way that is safe for their body and in a way that makes it most effective for them!  Expect to learn how to breathe better, how to engage your core muscles, and how to start thinking about movement and exercise in a whole new light!
This weekly class held Wednesdays at 5pm will help you gain strength, flexibility and mobility in your body.  4 weeks for $49 or use any class card or membership option.  

Gain strength and increase mobility with our Beginner Friendly Tower Classes!

This beginner friendly Pilates equipment class will use the Pilates Tower to practice exercises designed to create mobility and strength in your body. The Pilates Tower system springs create a support system for your body so you can learn how to engage muscles properly and stay safe in your movements. You’ll leave your workout feeling an inch taller and amazing in your body!

Space is limited to 5 participants so sign up early to reserve your spot! If you are brand new to the studio or Pilates we always recommend starting off with a complimentary private Pilates session before your first class!

Mondays at 6 pm with Kimberly Burke. Purchase 4 classes for $89 or use any of our class card or membership options.
Makeup classes are possible if you need to miss a week.

Does the Pilates equipment scare you a little?

New to Pilates? Does the Pilates equipment scare you a little because you don’t like not knowing what you are doing?

Maybe you are nervous about feeling silly in class because you don’t know the exercises? Start here!

The Introduction to Pilates Equipment Class is designed for true beginners and those who are still getting comfortable with the Pilates equipment.  It is safe for those with chronic back pain and those with knee and hip replacements.

Classes will focus on learning the Pilates basic concepts and movements and will utilize the Pilates equipment to help you gain strength, flexibility and mobility in your entire body! You will get a great whole body strengthening workout and you are going to love the support of the equipment and be amazed at how it helps you see and feel results in your body!  

Space is limited to 5 participants so sign up early to reserve your spot!  Purchase 4 classes for $89 or use any of our class card or membership options.  

Feeling like a couch potato?

Has it been awhile since you’ve worked out? Are you feeling uncomfortable in your body and ready to make some steps toward getting your health back? Does the thought of joining a gym or a group fitness class scare you? Our 4 week Couch Potato Pilates Series for Beginners is designed for you!!

This 4 week series of classes will introduce you to the Pilates Method of exercise in a very un-intimidating small group atmosphere. Each class will only have 5 clients maximum per series and everyone will be starting fresh like you! Movements and exercises will be introduced with detailed explanations of what to do and why we do it and there will be lots of variations for every body type. There will be plenty of time for questions throughout the sessions.

Clients will be introduced to basic Pilates movements and we will be using the Pilates Tower system to introduce movement ideas and concepts. The Pilates Tower equipment is designed to help Pilates instructors give clients a “support system” to move at their appropriate level so they can move safely and efficiently and continue to progress in their Pilates practice.

There will be a weekly handout reviewing concepts we’ve learned and giving you some optional exercises you can work on at home.

We suggest scheduling a complimentary private session with your instructor before starting the series so you can get introduced to the studio and learn more about the 4 week series!

Click here to sign up for the 4 week session Thursdays at 10 am January 10th -January 31st.