In Studio Mat sessions

As we expected our new small group mat sessions we announced at the beginning of September filled up quick! We were so excited to have so many people wanting to commit to a regular weekly mat session! 

If you are searching for Mat Small Group sessions in Mindbody you’ll be able to see any openings that are available on a particular day. When there are openings on a particular day, Mindbody should allow you to request an appointment for these sessions.  

If you don’t feel like looking through the scheduling system to see if the session you want to attend is available please just send us a quick email and we can let you know what is available and help you schedule if you would like!

We currently have 4 weekly Small Group Mat sessions on the following days:

  • Sundays 5pm with Shannon
  • Wednesday 6 pm with Curtis
  • Thursday 10 am Barre and Mat Session with Nancy
  • Thursday 4:30 pm with Rachel