New In Studio Yoga Session

We are so excited to be able to add more Yoga to our in studio offerings.

Unlike other studios who offer drop in style Yoga classes, we’ll only be offering our Yoga Small groups by appointment only.  You will not be a person in a room of 20 yogis here.   You can easily request a spot in a session by requesting an appointment in Mindbody or by simply calling us.

Just like our small group Pilates sessions, our small group Yoga sessions are designed to be specific to those attending and you can be assured that your teacher will take the time to get to know you and help you create a practice that you love.  Sessions will be limited to 5 participants.

You might call Kim’s Wednesday small group Yoga sessions “functional yoga”. Each session is designed around very functional, doable movements that benefit the body of the average person. You’ll love these sessions if you are looking for a fun way to practice Yoga that improves your strength, increases your flexibility and mobility and leaves you feeling calm and content.   

Kim Blackwell will be teaching a Wednesday morning Small Group Yoga Session!  Kim is a physical therapist and Yoga teacher who loves to make Yoga accessible to all bodies!

Try the Wednesday small group Yoga session for free! Simply email us before January 31 and let us know which day in February you want to attend and we’ll schedule your session and put the free session on your Mindbody account.