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Shuva Rahim, New Yoga Instructor t Rivercity Pilates

 Small Group Yoga with Shuva
Wednesdays at 5:15pm

I am so excited to have Shuva Rahim teaching at the studio!  When I moved to the area over 14 years ago and opened up Rivercity Pilates I met Shuva in a women’s small business group I had joined. At the time Shuva was growing her photography business and we were both trying to figure out what it took to run a small business! 

Shuva has been a friend and supporter of my business since the beginning. She starting practicing Pilates with me at the original Rivercity Pilates location, she was our photographer for the very first photo shoot at the studio, she took some of my favorite family photos over the years and she is truly just a great human who I am honored to call a friend. Be sure to check out the photo collage I put together highlighting some of our memories together over the years!

Shuva describes herself as a newish Yoga teacher (she finished her RYT 200 training in August 2022) who wants to share her love of Yoga with the world.  She shares her love of Yoga with others by teaching and writing! Be sure to check out Shuva’s blog here.

Shuva is excited to be teaching a Friday night flow small group Yoga session designed to help you build strength, flexibility and kick off your weekend feeling amazing! This small group yoga session will be limited to 5 participants and will happen Wednesdays at 5:15 pm.

The Yoga flow session will focus on aligning breath with movement and learning to transition from one pose to the next. (If you are familiar with yoga you’ll recognize that this follows the principles of Vinyasa Yoga)   Shuva will help you find adaptations and variations of poses that are perfect for your body. 

Shuva’s small group sessions are designed for ALL bodies and you’ll be comfortable in this small group setting if you are a brand new to Yoga beginner or if you have Yoga experience.  

Try a Wednesday night session for FREE in November by emailing us and letting us know which day you want to try the session!

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