What’s next after Physical Therapy?

Whether you sprained an ankle, had rotator cuff surgery, or injured your low back….physical therapy often is just what is needed to help your body recover quickly and safely.  But what happens after your physical therapy sessions are done?

Many times people find that an injury can be a wake up call to let us know that we need to take better care of our body.  Most Physical Therapists would recommend continuing to move and exercise in ways that will strengthen your body safely after your PT sessions are done…but what exactly does that mean for you?  If you weren’t currently exercising before your injury you might be nervous about jumping into an exercise program because of the fear of getting re-injured.  This is unfortunate because an appropriate exercise program is exactly what our body needs to continue healing and strengthening preventing re-injury.  Many Physical Therapists recommend Pilates to their clients post physical therapy for a variety of reasons:

  • Pilates teachers specialize in working individually and in small groups with clients to teach them how to safely do movements.

  • Pilates teachers are trained to work with a variety of injuries and some even specialize in post PT clients.
  • Pilates teachers don’t just have clients copy movements, they teach clients how to do an exercise correctly in their body.
  • Pilates teachers are trained in how to give adjustments and verbal cueing that helps the clients work safely and effectively.
  • Pilates teachers use basic movement principles and ideas that your Physical Therapist was probably already teaching you (this means that many PT clients start Pilates and feel like they already are familiar with the basic concepts and ideas used in Pilates). 
  • The Pilates method will continue to balance out your body …strengthening weak muscles and stretching those that are tight or inflexible so you continue to get stronger and move better without injury.
  • Pilates is based on using controlled precise movements that are perfect post injury.
  • Pilates teachers can easily be in contact with your Physical Therapist to ensure that your post PT exercise supports the work you already did with your physical therapist

Are you curious about Pilates and if it might be a good exercise program for you after Physical Therapy?  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary private session to try it out! 

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