Why you absolutely need to attend a Pilates Day 2016 event!!


PilatesDay_LOGO_2016What is Pilates Day?

Pilates Day is an annual, international, community event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year.

The Pilates Day mission is to foster the public’s appreciation and awareness of the Pilates Method through a network of varied, innovative, and high quality grassroots Pilates events accessible and affordable for all.

Why should I attend an event?

I’m going to break this one down into two categories: Pilates lovers and those who have no idea what Pilates is!

For Pilates Lovers:

  • IMG_6792FREE Pilates with friends...what could be better than that! If you already know and love Pilates then a Pilates Day event is a great way to share your Pilates love with lots of others who love it too!
  • Share Pilates with a friend or two. If you already love Pilates I know you can’t help but want to share your love with friends and family you care about.  But sometimes it can be really challenging to convince someone to start a new exercise program.  Many Pilates Day events are designed to make it easy for you to bring a friend and let them experience the Pilates method in a very relaxed atmosphere.  The event is free, socially fun and gives you a chance to introduce someone you care about to the method you love!
  • Try a new studio or instructor.  Pilates Day events can be a great place to meet new Pilates friends or try a new studio or instructor without a big commitment.

For those who have no idea what Pilates is:

  • Find out what Pilates is!  You’ve heard your friends rave about it, heard the movie stars and professional athletes talk about it changing their bodies and you really have no idea what Pilates is….   This event was designed for you!!  Pilates instructors and practitioners are very passionate about their movement practice and there are so many reasons that so many people love it!  This free event was created so you could learn about what Pilates is and how using this exercise method might help you feel better in your body!
  • Check out a local business.   A Pilates Day event is a great way to meet Pilates studio owners, Pilates teachers and Pilates practitioners.   You’ll have a chance to talk, a chance to move and a chance to see if it might be something you want to pursue in more detail.
  • Free Stuff and more.  Besides all the free classes and giveaways during the Pilates Day event, many studios offer specials, introductory packages and even free classes for new clients so that if you are interested you can try out this Pilates thing with a little more depth after Pilates Day.

If you are in Iowa we’d love to see you at Rivercity Pilates for our Pilates Day celebration but if you are not near us you can click this link and check out all of the events worldwide and find one near you!!


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