Practice your Pilates Breathing!

Joseph Pilates stated, “Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.”

Proper breathing is the cornerstone of the Pilates method of exercise.

The Pilates breathing technique promotes learning how to use the full capacity of our breath by emphasizing a complete inhale and a complete exhale. There is also a focus on maintaining the engagement of the abdominal muscles throughout both the inhale and exhale which allows the body to strengthen the core muscles and create movement from the center of the body.

It is not an easy task to focus on proper breathing technique while executing the Pilates exercises and still keeping a whole body awareness of our alignment and form. Just remember that Pilates is a movement practice and every time you practice it will get easier and easier, and your body will naturally start to incorporate the breath and movements!

Today’s video will give you some reminders of how to execute the Pilates breath and give you some tips to practice. When learning or fine tuning this breath it may help you to just practice the breathing by itself without the added coordination of trying to perform specific exercises while breathing.

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Can Pilates help me gain flexibility?


“True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.” – Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method focuses on balancing out your muscles around each joint in the body (we refer to it as uniform development). By creating balance we naturally become more flexible, stronger, and our bodies move with ease, just like when we were kids. It is truly a combination of stretching and strengthening various muscle groups that allows the body to create this balance.

Pilates instructors are trained to look at individual bodies and movements and fine tune each individual’s movements to create balance in each body. If you have ever wondered why there are so many variations and modifications to Pilates exercises – this is why! Every body is unique and its needs change from day to day.

As instructors it’s our job to help clients tune in to their bodies and learn how to adjust their movements in Pilates, fitness, and life.

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Fabulous Mini Pilates Mat workout in under 10 minutes!

Here’s a mini mat workout you can do at home. When it comes to creating a Pilates habit, one of the most important things is to just do it. We know that with your busy schedules it’s not always easy to get in for a full class.

When working out at home try to work on your flow and transition from one exercise directly into the next. This mini workout will take you less than 10 minutes – so there’s no excuses to not sneak it in :).

We’ve also listed the exercises and traditional repetitions for you below. If you consistently do this workout you will start to know the movements in your body and not even need the video!


Hundreds– 10 breaths or 100 pumps of the arms

Roll up – 5 to 8 reps

Single Leg Circles – 5 in each direction

Rolling Like a Ball – 5 to 8 reps

Stomach Series:

Single Leg Stretch– 5 each leg

Double Leg Stretch – 5 each

Scissors – 5 each

Double Leg Lower Lift – 5 each

Elbow to Knee – 5 each side

Spine Stretch – 5-8  reps


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Learn why Cassie chose the Body Precision Teacher Training Program at Rivercity Pilates!

In today’s video Cassie shares with us her why. She talks a little about where she was in her life and what she was looking for when she started the Body Precision Teacher Training Program at Rivercity Pilates.

Cassie, like many other instructors I know, admits that she didn’t really do the program because she wanted to teach Pilates.

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How many hours does it take to become a Pilates instructor??

Ever wonder why most Pilates comprehensive teacher training programs require so many hours? Body Precision graduate Cassie Cumings-Peterson talks about all of the training hours she went through and how they helped her become the teacher she is today. To learn more about the Body Precision Comprehensive Teacher Training Program offered at Rivercity Pilates check out our website or contact us today!

How can Pilates help me relieve stress in my life?


Joseph Pilates knew the importance and power of our own thoughts. One of the fundamental ideas throughout the Pilates work is concentration.

Concentration refers to simply paying attention to what you are doing and how it feels in your body.

This means when your mind starts to wander and you begin to think about what you’re making for dinner tonight during your Hundreds exercise , bring your focus back to the exercise and the sensations in your body.

It sounds simple yet I believe that concentrating during Pilates is one of the hardest aspects of the work. We are all so busy and have so many things packed into our lives that it is hard to spend a whole session focusing on ourselves and our bodies. It is also one of the most beneficial aspects of Pilates, as it allows us to quiet our minds and relieve the stress of our day to day lives.

During your next session or class, try to work on your concentration and let us know how it changes your workout. When your mind wanders (and it will, probably a lot!), just remind yourself to come back to the present moment and focus on the task at hand. Know that whatever else is on your mind will wait until after your session and that by this practice of concentration you are truly giving your body a gift of health!

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