Worried about losing your balance and falling?

The weather has turned cooler, the sunsets have been gorgeous (have you noticed how pretty the fall sunsets are?!) and it’s funny how I’ve been finding myself talking to clients a little more about balance this past week. 

If you live in Iowa you know that cooler temps means we are headed into the season of slippery walkways, snow, and ice, all things that make keeping your balance an extra challenge!

If you are coming into the studio for sessions or taking classes with us virtually you should know that all of our sessions and classes incorporate balance training that will absolutely help you navigate your balance this winter. 

For those of you wanting to do a little more to improve your confidence in your balance be sure to read more about some of my favorite balance tools you can use at home to improve your balance!

There are lots of ways to improve your balance just using your body so you don’t NEED to have a prop or piece of equipment to help you. 

That being said, our clients tell me that they find that using a balance tool like a balance pad, a half foam roller or a balance board makes the experience more fun and motivates them to practice more!

If you can avoid a fall, the cost of having some balance props at home – is well worth it!   

Today I’ll give you a quick description of some of my favorite balance tools so you can decide if you might want one at home to practice with!

Balance Pad: The balance pad is an easy way to make any standing exercise more effective when it comes to improving your balance. The squishyness of the pad encourages the muscles of your foot/ankle to have to continually adjust and work…increasing strength and increasing proprioception. Besides using it to stand on, you can also kneel on the pad to cushion knees and encourage balance work and you can use it under your hips for various exercises. If you are new to balance training I often suggest starting with a balance pad before moving into “balance board” options.  

Small Half foam roller:  The small half foam roller is a great “balance board” alternative that is really small, lightweight and portable and has lots of uses besides just standing on it!

If you need a little something fun to motivate you to practice your balance this inexpensive tool might just be the thing!

Rocker Board:  The Rocker board allows you to build strength and practice your balance while still feeling safe. It is the most basic design of balance boards and a great place to start training if you are new to balance training.

The sturdy board allows you to rock side to side or front to back depending on your feet orientation which is a great way to improve strength and mobility in your feet, ankles and legs.

Round Wobble Board:   The Round Wobble Board is more challenging than a Rocker Balance board and is especially great for building foot/ankle strength in all ranges because of its extra instability. 

I usually recommend this board to clients who have already been practicing on a rocker board and for those who want to take their balance skills to the next level!

If you have any questions about which balance tool would be best for you — email us at rcpilates1@gmail.com.

The best way to get better at balance is to practice!   Did you know we have balance class memberships?

Join Carey for Virtual Balance Class every Wednesday!   It’s a virtual class, so you can take it on Wednesdays at 9am live without leaving your home (which is a great option with winter approaching)!    We send the recording to everyone who registers, so if you’re not free at 9am — you can practice later

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